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Greater confidence in your results?Sample Preparation solutions for your Food and Environmental analyses.

Greater confidence in your results. Sample Preparation solutions for your Food and Environmental analyses.

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For over 30 years, Bond Elut has been the most trusted name in solid phase extraction (SPE).Agilent Bond Elut SPE products selectively remove interferences from complex matrices and provide the largest choice of sorbent formats in the market today. Over 40 phase functionalities in more than 30 formats are available.

Bond Elut Polymeric SPE

Bond Elut Plexa is a new generation of polymeric SPE products designed for simplicity, improved analytical performance and ease-of-use.
Bond Elut Plexa is a non-polar divinylbenzene-based neutral polymeric sorbent.
Bond Elut Plexa PCX is a cation exchanger with mixed mode sorbent characteristics.
Bond Elut Plexa PAX is an anion exchanger with mixed mode sorbent characteristics.

Agilent Bond Elut QuEChERS

Kits make sample prep easy as 1- 2- 3. pre-packaged so providing an easy way to capture the time-saving benefits of QuEChERS sample preparation.
QuEChERS kits are pre-measured and packed in anhydrous salt packets to ensure high recoveries in your pesticide analysis.
Kits with ceramic homogenizers save sample prep time by reducing shaking steps to a matter of seconds, promoting consistent sample extraction and increased product recovery.
Universal dispersive kits provide excellent recoveries and reproducibility for soil and other non-food matrices.

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