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Cut the cost of achieving regulatory compliance with full traceability by up to 90%.

How? With v:kit, a new idea to revolutionize the way you validate your analytical equipment.

A single box containing all the procedures, documentation and materials needed to perform OQ/PQ test on various instruments.

Kits are available for HPLC and GC with full traceability and without contravening 21 CFR Part 11 compliance regulations.

HPLC systems: isocratic and gradient pumps, UV/vis detectors (including PDAs), fluorescence detectors, refractive index detectors, column thermostats and autosamplers.


GC systems: including auto-injectors, headspace samplers, FIDs ECDs and TCDs.

Whether performing your regular validation checks, or for pre- or post-maintenance tests, v:kit offers you cost-effective, credible regulatory compliance for all your analytical systems.

v:kits allow a common validation standard across all your equipment, in all locations.

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