Water and Thar Continue Collaboration on "Green" Chemistry


Waters Corporation and Thar Instruments, Inc., have entered into a new phase of their cooperative agreement to help bring "green" alternatives to chemical analysis.

Waters Corporation (Milford, Massachusetts) and Thar Instruments, Inc., (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) have entered into a new phase of their cooperative agreement to help bring "green" alternatives to chemical analysis.

The New Phase
The new phase of the agreement gives Thar access to Waters demonstration facilities and corporate R&D resources to meet the growing market demand for new supercritical fluid-mass spectrometry (SFC-MS) products.

?This closer strategic partnership gives us the resources that we need to develop our new SFC-MS preparative systems for mass-triggered purifications,? said Dr. Lalit Chordia, CEO of Thar . ?By providing Thar with compatible detectors, software, and expertise, Waters renewed commitment to SFC is evidence that market acceptance for SFC has reached a new level.?

Currently, Waters combines its single quadrupole mass spectrometer and photodiode array detector with Thar?s SFC systems to meet the demands of pharmaceutical research and development customers.

"As a complementary technique to liquid chromatography, SFC comes with many advantages for scientists who are intent on streamlining many of their analytical and purification processes, who want to take advantage of the power of mass spectrometry and who want to cut their waste disposal costs. For them, the clear choice is to consult the companies with the most to offer in each area - Thar and Waters," said Rohit Khanna, Ph.D., vice-president of Worldwide Marketing, Waters Division of Waters Corporation.

What Does This "New Phase" Mean to Chromatographers
This development gives analytical chemists the opportunity to see Thar's SFC systems at Water's demonstration centers and be assured that Water's mass spectrometers of the future will be compatible with Thar's SFC systems.

Further Reading
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