Welcome to the 2007 Pittcon Meeting Report

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E-Separation Solutions

Good morning, and welcome to the opening day of LCGC's "Meeting Report" from Pittcon 2007 in Chicago, Illinois.

Good morning, and welcome to the opening day of LCGC’s “Meeting Report” from Pittcon 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. With any luck, most readers will remember our e-show dailies from last year in Orlando, Florida, where we reported on all of the events and happenings of Pittcon 2006. Whether you are here at the conference or would just like to check up on what’s going on in Chicago from your office or lab, this daily feature will keep you up-to-date on everything going on at Pittcon 2007.

This year, you might notice that we have a new, updated look and many new features. You will see our recommended sessions from LCGC columnists and industry leaders John Dolan and John Hinshaw – our LC and GC experts, respectively. With their guidance, we hope to assist conference-goers target the best and most worthwhile sessions at this year’s Pittcon. In addition, you’ll see staff-written reports from the conference itself, summing up sessions and reporting on the latest scientific developments taking place in Chicago this week. You’ll find all of the newest and most cutting edge sessions and presentations described here. Also, if you look to the right, you will find many helpful links to help you navigate both Pittcon and the city of Chicago itself. In short, we think we’ve brought you the most comprehensive show guide possible, and we believe we’ve done so in the great tradition of LCGC, by bringing you as much purely scientific information as possible, combined with as little promotional material as possible. This is what has made our magazine what it is, and this is what has made us so successful over the last 25 years.