Welcome to the Third and Final Day of LCGC North America's Coverage of Pittcon 2007

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Good morning and welcome to LCGC's third and final day of conference coverage from Pittcon 2007.

Good morning and welcome to LCGC’s third and final day of conference coverage from Pittcon 2007. We hope you’ve found this daily report a valuable resource as you navigate this, the largest gathering in the field of analytical chemistry, and we’ve certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, whose tireless reporting has made this daily report possible, and our columnists John Dolan and John Hinshaw, whose recommended sessions have hopefully made it easier to narrow down the most important presentations delivered at this year’s conference. The dedication of our staff and our columnists never ceases to amaze me, and they continually go above and beyond. I think you will see a particularly shining example of this in April of this year, when we mail our commemorative 25th anniversary issue. This special issue will feature a series of entertaining retrospectives from our columnists, as they give readers a nostalgic look back at the past quarter century of LCGC. This issue will truly be a collector’s item for any analytical chemist, so look for it in your mailboxes soon.

On a separate note, some of you may have noticed my absence from this year’s conference, and for this I must apologize. However, I can assure you that I have a great excuse for shamelessly playing hooky and working on this e-show daily from my home office, as I stayed behind for the birth of my first child. With this in mind, I would invite anyone who would have liked to speak to me or meet me at the conference to contact me at your convenience when you return to your offices or labs. I would be happy to arrange a conference call, take your casual phone calls, or simply answer any questions you might have via e-mail. I may be a new dad, but I’m also an old editor, and I understand that the world of separation science never stops moving. I look forward to hearing from you, and I can be reached at david.walsh@advanstar.com or (732) 346-3082.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed the show and the city of Chicago. Have a safe trip home!