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Column, The Column-07-02-2010, Volume 6, Issue 12

Welcome to the first global edition of The Column. This issue sees a merger with The Peak from LC–GC North America to create one global digital magazine.

Welcome to the first global edition of The Column. This issue sees a merger with The Peak from LC•GC North America to create one global digital magazine.

With a combined circulation of almost 139  000 chromatographers throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, The Column will now serve the biggest single chromatography audience in the world.

Our North American readers will notice a new screen-friendly layout and increased frequency as we pick up The Column’s twice-monthly publishing schedule worldwide. And readers everywhere will benefit from a new global perspective as we draw insights and information from our US and European editorial teams.

Regular content will include familiar application-based features incorporating the latest scientific advances providing practical use to the reader, alongside the latest global news of company acquisitions, current research, conferences and other exciting developments within the industry.

Our market trends and analysis column will continue to deliver the facts on statistics and trends within the separation science industry; while Incognito will provide a sometimes controversial viewpoint on developments and trends impacting those working within the sector.


We will be publishing interviews with key personnel from both academia and industry explaining recent research and developments in technology and offering practical advice on how to maximize the benefits of GPC/SEC.

Add an up-to-date listing of key dates in the global chromatography calendar and a selection of the latest chromatographic equipment releases around the world dedicated to specific techniques, and you have the first truly global chromatography magazine ever published.

As always, please let us know what you think of this new publication. We really want your feedback. And don’t worry if you need to access past articles from The Peak; archived editions for all our previous digital publications will still be available through our website www.chromatographyonline.com.

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