Why is an Inert Column Important?

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Webinar Date/Time: Wed, Jan 25, 2023 11:00 AM EST

Don’t miss this valuable webinar featuring world-famous GC specialist Jaap de Zeeuw as a guest speaker, sponsored by GL Sciences, a manufacturer of Chromatography columns for over half a century.

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Event Overview
This presentation includes an introduction to column selection and analysis examples, which are basic information necessary for gas chromatography. This webinar is suitable for chemical analysts in all fields using GC, such as chemical industry, environment, food, universities, and research laboratories.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Expand your basis knowledge about gas chromatography
  • How to choose GC Column and get the best results
  • Learn about the applications


Jaap de Zeeuw

Since graduation in 1979 on the paper “Fused Silica Capillary Column Technology”, Jaap de Zeeuw has been fascinated by the many possible developments in capillary gas chromatography.He worked 26 years with Varian, before Chrompack, and developed the first bonded PEG columns as well as the design of the PLOT columns. Jaap also made and applicated the world longest fused silica column for which a Guinness Book of Records Certificate was granted.

After working for 7 years at research, 4 years as product specialist and 4 years as int. product manager for GC and LC columns, Jaap was directly involved with Field Marketing for the USA, EU, and Asia, focusing on industrial analysis. Dow Canada has been built into a beta test site.

Jaap has published a large number of papers on various aspects of capillary column technology. In 1996 he co-authored a book on adsorption GC with proffesor Victor Berezkin. Most recently, he developed a new concept for fast GC-MS where the separation is done at reduced pressure using 0.53 mm columns for which several patents were granted. This technology is known as LPGC/MS, (low pressure gas chromatography). The technology is implemented in labs with high sample throughput that want to do fast screening using GC/MS. The LPGC/MS technology made trace pesticide analysis in food extracts possible in 1/3 of the typical run times. It is highly recommended, proven and extensively published by Steven Lehotey. In 2011, this was taken to a next level by positioning restriction inside the injection port. In 2016, a new patented way for making PLOT columns was presented at ISCC-40 using spin coating.

With a scientific background combined with commercial flavor, Jaap likes to coach new product development and bring products to market and presenting the developments in front of sales, customers, or in a scientific environment. He has given many seminars at international symposia, and in 1999, received the first “presenter of the Year” award at the Gulf Coast conference.
Jaap transferred to Restek organization in 2006 to work in product development and marketing.

His specialties are detailed knowhow on chromatographic processes and how products fit in there; presenting new products to sales, users, and in the scientific arena; working withwith petro and chemical companies; being a team player; and creativity.

Jaap retired from Restek in 2022 and started his own company called CreaVisions. His activities are GC consultancy, masterclasses and training classes on GC, and offering a class for creative problem solving for academic/technical people to help new idea generation by thinking outside the box.

Register Free: https://www.chromatographyonline.com/lcgc/inert