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Using MS Data for Peak Tracking in Computer Supported HPLC Method Development

A systematic way to develop HPLC methods consists of building up and running a useful set of experiments (DOE, design of experiments) to evaluate the influence of several factors or method conditions on the selectivity of a chromatogram. The crucial part here is the peak tracking between the chromatograms.

Good Day, Sunshine — High Speed Analysis of UV Absorbers

Use of UV filters in cosmetic formulations is regulated by international authorities. The concentration of these compounds in cosmetic products is controlled constantly. The following methods describe a simple, fast and ultra fast LC method for determination of UV absorbers. HALO C18* was used as column.

High Speed, High Resolution of Flavanones in Citrus Juice

Flavanones are a type of flavonoids occurring widely in plants, either in the aglycone backbone form itself or as glycosides. Flavonones exist in unique forms depending on the type of fruit and can be used to indicate the type of fruit that is being analysed. The following application introduces examples of high-speed analysis of flavanones in citrus juice using the Shimadzu ultra fast LC system, prominence UFLC, and the photodiode array detector SPD-M20A, focusing on narirutin, naringin, neohesperidin and hesperitin.