Ernest J. Sobkow | Authors


Choosing an Optimal Co-Solvent for Method Development in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) for the Whelk-O®1, RegisPack®, and RegisCell® Chiral Stationary Phases

The majority of the samples in this study and other studies show that a majority of compounds can be separated by the use of the three most common alcohols: IPA, CH3OH, and ethanol. Solubility becomes a crucial factor in preparative chromatography. Combinations of solvents can be used to improve solubility when the chosen co-solvent has poor solubility of the compound in question.

Ruggedness of YMC Cyano-High Strength Stationary Phase Under Acidic and Basic Extremes

Silica-based cyano stationary phases have historically exhibited poor stability and short column lifetime at pH extremes. This application note details an investigation of the stability of YMC's Cyano-HG (high strength) 10 ?m silica-based stationary phase, which was performed at a customer's request.