Geoffrey B. Cox | Authors

Chiral Technologies, Inc.


Reversed-Phase Enantioselective Chromatography with New µ-mm Chiral Stationary Phases

To meet the growing need for fast reversed-phase enantiomer separations, two new 3-μm reversed-phase columns, CHIRALCEL® OD® -3R and CHIRALPAK® AD® -3R, have been introduced. High column performance and column stability under a wide range of conditions, including aqueous solvent systems suited to LC–MS, have been

Fast Enantioselective Chromatography with 3-µm Particles

The continuing and growing trend toward high-speed analysis in all fields of chromatography is also reflected in enantiomer separations. A variety of new 3-μm columns has been designed to meet this need. Applications of CHIRALCEL® OD-3 and CHIRALPAK® AD-3 in some enantiomer separations demonstrate the benefits of transitioning to such media.