Pilar Franco | Authors


Peptide Analysis: Zwitterionic Chiral Ion-Exchangers as Complementary Option to HILIC and to Reversed-Phase Chromatography

Therapeutic peptides represent one of the fastest growing segments in the pharmaceutical market. To bring these products to the market in a consistent manner, high quality is a major concern and requires stringent quality control (QC) methods. This article discusses the potential of zwitterionic chiral ion-exchangers to support peptide analysis and quality control as a flexible complementary tool to monitor the stereochemical integrity and chemical modifications.

Enantiomer and Topoisomer Separation of Acidic Compounds on Anion-Exchanger Chiral Stationary Phases by HPLC and SFC

Quinine- and quinidine-derived anion-exchanger chiral stationary phases have proven to be versatile in enantiomer separation of acidic compounds in HPLC. In this article, the authors demonstrate their performance in specific HPLC applications involving enantiomer resolution and topoisomer separation.