Tong Zhang | Authors


Enantiomer and Topoisomer Separation of Acidic Compounds on Anion-Exchanger Chiral Stationary Phases by HPLC and SFC

Quinine- and quinidine-derived anion-exchanger chiral stationary phases have proven to be versatile in enantiomer separation of acidic compounds in HPLC. In this article, the authors demonstrate their performance in specific HPLC applications involving enantiomer resolution and topoisomer separation.

Reversed-Phase Enantioselective Chromatography with New µ-mm Chiral Stationary Phases

To meet the growing need for fast reversed-phase enantiomer separations, two new 3-μm reversed-phase columns, CHIRALCEL® OD® -3R and CHIRALPAK® AD® -3R, have been introduced. High column performance and column stability under a wide range of conditions, including aqueous solvent systems suited to LC–MS, have been