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Simultaneous Analysis of Ultrashort-Chain, Alternative, and Legacy PFAS in Potable and Non-Potable Waters

A hybrid HILIC–ion exchange column was used for the analysis of ultrashort-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) compounds in environmental waters. This direct injection LC–MS method enables simultaneous measurement of ultrashort- chain, alternative, and legacy PFAS in potable and non-potable waters.

Definitive EtG/EtS LC–MS/MS Analysis: A Rugged 4-Min Method for High‑Throughput Laboratories

Methods for monitoring alcohol consumption biomarkers EtG and EtS are generally limited by poor retention and coelution with matrix interferences, as well as by long analysis times and short column lifetimes. The dilute-and-shoot EtG/EtS LC–MS/MS analysis developed here using the novel Raptor EtG/EtS column easily resolves EtG and EtS from matrix interferences, providing consistent, accurate results for high-throughput labs testing human urine samples for alcohol consumption.