Karin Cabrera | Authors

Merk KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


Recent Advances in Silica-Based Monolithic HPLC Columns

In this article, silica-based monolithic columns are compared and contrasted to packed microparticulate columns. Some of the challenges developing commercial silica rods and encapsulated monolith columns are described, including the development of a 2-mm i.d. column. A study of wall effects in these monolith columns was performed. Future trends and challenges in improving the performance of silica-based monolith columns are described.

New Developments in the Application of Monolithic HPLC Columns

The guest authors discuss the use of monolithic silica columns in high-throughput HPLC, including developments and applications in combinatorial chemistry. They also explain performance characteristics for these columns and provide caveats about their effective usage.