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Real-Time Response to Bacteria Infection of Bioethanol Fermentation Using a Short Rezex™ ROA Column

Political priorities as well as economic interests have fueled a dramatic growth in the biofuel industry, due much in part to research funding and tax incentives. Currently the world's ethanol production is estimated to be over 16 billion gallons a year. This number is expected to increase in the next few years, reaching an estimated yearly production of 20 billion gallons by 2012. Today, many ethanol producers add fermentors to expand their production capacity. In order to continue using existing HPLC equipment for the increased monitoring, increased analytical throughput is needed.

Fast Bioethanol Analysis Following ASTM Method D 5501 Using the New Zebronâ„¢ ZB-Bioethanol GC Column

The Zebron ZB-Bioethanol GC column reduces fuel ethanol analysis time to less than 8 min, while providing complete resolution of methanol and ethanol from all denaturant components. This newly developed GC column is suitable for analysis following ASTM Method D 5501 and Europe prEN 15376.