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Application Note: Blood-Alcohol-Content Analysis Using Nitrogen Carrier Gas

Blood alcohol content is commonly analyzed in forensics; replacing helium carrier gas with nitrogen can provide the same quick, reliable, and accurate results.

The Effect of Draw-Out Lens Diameter

Investigating the effect of hydrogen and helium carrier gas across a range of column flow rates with different draw-out lenses for essential oil and volatile analysis

7 Steps to Changing Carrier Gas

In this application note, we will walk you through the steps required to change your carrier gas from helium to hydrogen.

Converting Your GC Carrier Gas

Learn how to convert your GC carrier gas from helium to hydrogen with this step-by-step guide to avoid the increasing cost of helium.

Helium and the Cost to Laboratories

What has happened over the last two years since the global helium shortage was the hot topic in GC, where do we currently stand, and what is the short-term outlook?