Thomas H. Walter | Authors


Modifying the Metal Surfaces in HPLC Systems and Columns to Prevent Analyte Adsorption and Other Deleterious Effects

A novel surface modification technology has been developed to reduce interactions between analytes and metal surfaces in HPLC instruments and columns. We demonstrate the impact of this technology on peak symmetry, peak area, and injection-to-injection and column-to-column reproducibility for several metal-sensitive analytes.

Embedded-Polar-Group Bonded Phases for High Performance Liquid Chromatography

The authors compare the chromatographic properties of embedded-carbamate-group bonded phases with those of their purely alkyl counterparts.

Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Particle Technology: Breaking Through Traditional Barriers of HPLC Separations

The authors describe reversed-phase HPLC based on hybrid particles and demonstrate the packing's retention and selectivity characteristics.