LCGC Asia Pacific-11-02-2012

An overview of the important and versatile role that capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry plays in the biopharmaceutical analysis.

LCGC Asia Pacific
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November 02, 2012

The solvent chosen for injection can affect the apearance of chromatographic peaks.

The authors characterized 12 SFC achiral stationary phases with 60 compounds from four chemical classes to establish guidelines for th rational selection of the optimum stationary phase for separations.

Two promising wide-pore stationary phases were recently introduced for the fast and high resolution separations of large biomoleculaes: the recently launched widepore 3.6?m superficially porous particle and the hybrid-type sub 2-?m fully porous particle. This article focuses on the achievable throughout and resolution for the characterization of biomolecules.

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November 02, 2012

This is an update to a 2003 article with information about new developments in SPME.

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November 01, 2012

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