LCGC North America-04-01-2018

LCGC North America

Our annual review of new liquid chromatography columns and accessories, including columns for reversed-phase, HILIC, chiral, SEC, GPC, ion-exchange, and SFC separations of small and large molecules.

In part II of this series, we explore how curve resolution methods advance purity assessments and illustrate one of the most popular techniques, which adds a powerful tool to the chromatographer’s arsenal.

LCGC North America

An overview and assessment of the latest HPLC and mass spectrometry instruments, modules, chromatography data systems, and related software.

James Stry of FMC Agricultural Solutions talks about best practices for developing robust environmental analysis methods, including simplifying sample preparation and dealing with matrix effects.

LCGC North America

Ligands capable of undergoing electrostatic interactions can add an extra dimension to separations of ionizable compounds.

Part II of this series on practical perspectives on data integrity focuses on instrument setup, system suitability test samples, and data acquisition.

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LCGC North America

April 01, 2018

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