Biemann Medal Award Presentation and Lecture and PUI and Other Research Awards Presentations


At ASMS, Brandon Ruotolo of the University of Michigan will be recognized as the 2023 Biemann Medal recipient. Here's a summary of the award session.

At ASMS 2023, there was an oral session recognizing this year’s award winners for their contributions to mass spectrometry.

From 4:45–5:30 p.m., this session in Hall B3 awarded Brandon Ruotolo of the University of Michigan the 2023 ASMS Biemann Medal. The Biemann Medal, which includes a $5000 cash award, recognizes significant achievements in basic or applied mass spectrometry in the early stages of an academic career. ASMS President Julia Laskin presided over the session, which opened with the presentation of the ASMS Research Awards and the Research at Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI) Award.

The 2023 ASMS Research Awards, which promote the research of academic scientists within their first four years of joining a North American university, were presented to Kelly Marie Hines of the University of Georgia, Stacy Malaker of Yale University, and Jesse Meyer of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Each recipient’s institution received a $35000 award, with Hines’s work funded by Bruker, Malaker’s by Waters, and Meyer’s by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Meanwhile, Erica Jacobs of St. John’s University was recognized as the 2023 PUI Award winner. This $20000 award was fully funded by Agilent and will be presented to St. John’s.

As part of Ruotolo’s honor, he delivered a guest lecture at the award session. Ruotolo has made significant contributions to the development and application of novel high performance mass spectrometry (MS) technologies with a focus on high-impact applications in the biology and medical communities. He helped lead the development of ion mobility MS (IM-MS) for structural characterization of biopolymers and the refinement of collision induced unfolding (CIU) methods enabling determination of the number of autonomously folded domains within proteins, among other achievements.

More on Ruotolo’s accomplishments can be found here:

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