Chromatography Simplified: How CDS Software Drives Efficiency and Streamlines Workflows for GC and LC labs



Webinar Date/Time: Wed, Jul 24, 2024 11:00 AM EDT

Explore PerkinElmer SimplicityChrom CDS Software, driving GC and LC synergies with its simplified UX. Join and discover new ways for workflows optimization and lab efficiency boost.

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Event Overview:

QA/QC laboratories using Gas Chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography (LC) systems increasingly rely on chromatography data system (CDS) software to streamline their analytical workflow and achieve enhanced efficiency, and productivity. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to chromatography, this webinar will show how PerkinElmer's SimplicityChrom CDS Software has evolved to offer a modern user-experience and to support synergies among different systems. This software reduces the lab costs associated with new technology and software adoption and allows for faster ROI and lab productivity.

Application examples will show key features and functionalities of SimplicityChrom CDS Software across GC and LC Systems and how they can optimize chromatography workflows. Join our webinar to discover how SimplicityChrom CDS Software enables laboratories of all expertise levels to streamline their lab processes while democratizing access to GC and LC.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how SimplicityChrom CDS Software enhances laboratory efficiency and productivity through simplified workflows and seamless integration of multiple chromatography platforms.
  • Explore the key features and functionalities of PerkinElmer's SimplicityChrom CDS Software, including its user-experience design, workflow-driven interface, and support for both GC and LC systems
  • Discover practical application examples demonstrating how SimplicityChrom CDS Software can optimize chromatography workflow across different levels of user expertise, empowering laboratories to achieve enhanced analytical performance

Who Should Attend:

  • LC and GC users interested in exploring advanced CDS software solutions to streamline their analytical workflows and enhance efficiency
  • Lab managers interested in optimizing laboratory productivity by implementing innovative CDS software that supports LC and GC synergies and workflow-driven interfaces
  • QA/QC labs professionals seeking to improve analytical processes and achieve consistent results through the adoption of modern CDS software


Jamie Foss
Product Manager

Jamie Foss is the Liquid Chromatography Product Manager at PerkinElmer. Prior to this role, he was a Sr. Application Scientist developing strategic applications in support of PerkinElmer’s LC and LC/MS product portfolio. He has developed a wide variety of applications across food, environmental, industrial, forensics, and cannabis. Prior to joining PerkinElmer in 2016, he spent 4 years as a forensic chemist for the State of Maine where he focused on the analysis of controlled substances and clandestine laboratory investigation.

Feng Qin
Product Manager

Feng Qin holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. He has more than 20 years of experience in Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. In his career, his role/responsibility progressed from Field Application specialist to Applications Scientist, lead customer for software products, and Product Manager for Software and Strategic Applications. Prior to joining PerkinElmer, Feng worked at a leading Mass Spec company for 7 years.

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