Equipment Roundup: New Chromatography and Spectrometry Instruments from Sartorius, Shimadzu

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In this “Equipment Roundup,” the editors of LCGC International feature new instruments from Sartorius and Shimadzu.

In this equipment roundup, the editors of LCGC International highlight the newest products from instrument manufacturers around the world. Do you have a new product that you’d like featured in a future installment of LCGC’s equipment round up? Send a brief summary and photo of the product to John Chasse, managing editor of LCGC International, at

Sartorius Launches New Arium MiniExtend with Flexible Arm

In a July 17 press release (1), Sartorius announced the newest member of the Arium Mini family, the Arium Mini Extend. The Göttingen, Germany-based company said that the compact, ultrapure laboratory water purification system provides flexibility and convenience and is designed to meet the Type 1 water demands of laboratories for general, life-science, and analytical applications.

As noted on the Sartorius website (2), the compact Arium Mini water purification systems were designed to meet the Type 1 ultrapure water needs of laboratories for general, life-science, and analytical applications, handling up to 10 liters per day. These systems offer maximum convenience with the flexible, removable dispensing unit.

The Arium Mini Extend incorporates a flexible, ergonomic handheld dispenser, a user-friendly display, and the Arium Bagtank technology into one space-efficient design, significantly optimizing laboratory workflows. The dispensing unit, which is equipped with an independent volume control function expands the access area for ultrapure water and streamlines processes, particularly those requiring repeated dispensing, Operation and maintenance are simplified with intuitive menus and a 5-liter Bagtank for purified water storage, which facilitates cleaning procedures as well as ensures uninterrupted laboratory workflows.

“The Arium Mini Extend is a valuable addition to our portfolio, catering to laboratories that require extra flexibility along with highest water quality standards,” said Evelyn Marschall, Product Manager of Lab Water at Sartorius in a press release. “Its small footprint and remarkable ease of use makes it a perfect fit for any lab environment, with the added versatility of using different Arium finishing filters for sterile filtration or endotoxin removal at the point of dispensing.”

Shimadzu Updates LCMS RX Series

On June 10, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announced the release of its MALDI EasyCare solution (3). This solution provides a convenient way for users of the MALDI-8000 Series TOF Mass Spectrometers to perform routine upkeep on the system. The ability for operators to care for the system themselves without the need for outside service increases uptime and reduces costs.

Per the company’s press release. MALDI EasyCare solution specifically addresses the challenge of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization—time of flight (MALDI-TOF) ion optics contamination, which reduces instrument performance. With the solution, operators can easily remove, clean, and re-fit ion optics. The accompanying software wizard automatically tunes deflectors and the detector to optimize instrument performance.

Shimadzu benchtop MALDI instruments updated with the MALDI EasyCare solution retain the same class-leading performance as the previous models, which, according to the company, provides a combination of mass resolution and sensitivity. Spectrometer operators can easily upgrade EasyCare-ready versions of the MALDI-8020 and the dual-polarity MALDI-8030 through a software license activation.

According to Shimadzu, the MALDI EasyCare solution is ideal for running high shot number applications like MALDI imaging, as well as more challenging applications using samples that rapidly contaminate instrument optics. MALDI Easy Care instruments are designed to operate more consistently for longer periods of time, resulting in improved performance continuity.

The Arium Mini Extend with flexible arm for versatile Type 1 water dispensing. © Sartorious

The Arium Mini Extend with flexible arm for versatile Type 1 water dispensing. © Sartorious


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