Gradient Performance Checks

November 1, 2004
John W. Dolan
John W. Dolan

John Dolan has been writing "LC Troubleshooting" for LCGC for over 20 years. One of the industry's most respected professionals, John is currently the Vice President of BASi Northwest Laboratory, McMinnville, Oregon and a principal instructor for LC Resources, Walnut Creek, California. He is also a member of LCGC's editorial advisory board.

Jonathan J. Gilroy

LCGC Europe

LCGC Europe, LCGC Europe-11-01-2004, Volume 17, Issue 11
Pages: 566–572

In this month's column the authors present a case study to outline several gradient quality checks that can be performed periodically to ensure proper performance of LC instrumentation. The example shows how by taking the time to perform such tests, potential problems can be identified before they reach a critical point.