HAMILTON Bonaduz Company Profile

The company

To be "The Measure of Excellence" was chemical engineer Clark Hamilton from Nebraska USA’s overriding goal, when he developed the first Microliter® syringe in 1947. Not satisfied with this, in order to be able to manufacture and market the Microliter® syringes under his own name, Clark Hamilton went onto found HAMILTON Inc. in Whittier, California, in 1955. Later, in response to the ever-increasing demands for syringes in Europe, Africa, and Asia, he founded a subsidiary in Chur, Switzerland in 1962. Five years further on, this moved to the neighboring town of Bonaduz, where it today employs approximately 650 personnel and has its own sales and marketing companies in Germany, Great Britain, and France. In addition, a world-wide network of over 300 HAMILTON dealers ensures optimal customer liaison and support. Humility aside, it would be true to say that since the original foundation of HAMILTON Inc. in 1955, the name HAMILTON has developed into an international byword for quality and reliability around the globe.

Product range

HAMILTON produces quality products for the measurement and dispensing of liquids. In the world of analytics, HAMILTON is known for laboratory and process electrodes (pH, oxygen, redox, and conductivity), and for its first-class choice of process armatures, complete with their selection of process connectors. HAMILTON offers certified, long-term-stable pH buffers (DURACAL) and conductivity standards. In addition, HAMILTON delivers both polymer- and silica-based HPLC columns. HAMILTON Microliter® syringes are world famous in all areas of precision dispensing and metering technology. Pipettes, diluters, robotic pipette systems, analysis systems, and OEM products, whose use lais overwhelmingly in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and general chemical industries, complete the product range.

Application areas

HAMILTON products are in operation everywhere that the smallest fluid quantities must be dispensed, mixed, injected or analyzed with the highest precision and exactitude. HAMILTON products serve, amongst many other things, the methodologies of both the chemical and pharmaceutical (eg GC, HPLC, SPE, pH, Log P), and the health (eg ELISA) industries.

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