Improve Lab Efficiency with Smart SPME Arrows

Press Release

Restek's SPME product line is getting SMART—our company now offers Smart SPME Arrows and Smart SPME fibers. The new Smart technology offers the same application, performance, and lifetime as the products you’ve come to rely on with the added feature of a smart chip that can keep track of parameters, ranges, and usage history.

Restek PAL SPME Arrows and fibers offer solutions for a wide range of volatile and semivolatile analytes in a variety of sample matrices.

While SPME fibers work well for many applications, Smart SPME Arrows provide added benefits:

  • Backwards compatibility with any generation of PAL3 Systems.
  • Rugged, stainless-steel construction ensures longer lifetimes.
  • Faster extraction means higher sample throughput.
  • Better sensitivity allows lower LODs.

Choose the best SPME Arrow or SPME fiber for your application based on your analytes of interest and instrument at

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