Method Development of Synthetic Triphenylmethane Dyes Using MaxPeak™ Premier Columns on an Alliance™ HPLC™ System


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HPLC method development of structurally similar components is an arduous task to undertake. Understanding the principles of liquid chromatography and applying them in a structured, streamlined approach not only speeds up the method development process but also provides traceability for the activity in an easy-to-follow format. Having a structured protocol for method development also allows novice users to develop methods independently, without the oversight of expert chromatographers. This app note shows fast method development using a structured protocol called the systematic screening protocol. The protocol used to develop the method relies on MaxPeak™ High-Performance Surfaces (HPS) technology, featured in MaxPeak Premier Columns, to mitigate any non-specific adsorption (NSA) seen between the column and the analytes. Employing this column technology, along with the systematic screening protocol, a method was developed which provides good peak shape and complete separation of all eight dyes.