GERSTEL | Authors


Plant volatiles: Comparing sampling techniques

Passive sampling of plant volatiles using TF-SPME and GERSTEL Twister, respectively, is compared with active sampling onto PDMS foam- and TenaxTA-filled Tubes

Off-Odors by Sensory Directed GC–MS

Lipid oxidation generates off-odors in food, edible oils, and fats. DHS or Thermal Extraction-GC–MS/O using Sensory Directed Analysis quickly identifies off-odors

PCA and Sensory Honey Aroma Differentiation

An analytical approach combined with PCA is compared to sensory-directed analysis (SDA) for differentiating honey from multi-floral, wildflower, and clover sources

Smoothie flavor analysis by SA-SBSE-GC–MS

Determination of flavors in smoothies using standard- and solvent-swollen Twister® stir bars, liquid desorption, and LVI-GC/MS for enhanced recovery of polar compounds

Smart-Ramped Pyrolysis-GC–MS for Forensic Analysis (Oct 2023)

Smart Ramped Pyrolysis-GC–MS analysis of forensic samples such as paint, adhesive tape, and mascara gives maximum information in a single run without method development