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LCGC North America

LCGC North America, LCGC North America-02-01-2007, Volume 25, Issue 2
Pages: 116

Thermo Fisher Buys SwissAnalytic; Regis expands services with SFC; PerkinElmer acquires product line from Triton; Airgas acquires CFC Refimax

Thermo Fisher Buys SwissAnalytic

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (Waltham, Massachusetts) announced it has acquired SwissAnalytic Group AG (Basel, Switzerland), which owns Spectronex AG and Flux Instruments AG.

Spectronex is a supplier of mass spectrometry, chromatography, and surface science instrumentation in Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Flux Instruments is a manufacturer of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) pumps and software.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's current HPLC and liquid chromatography coupled mass spectroscopy business includes its Accela high-speed liquid chromatograph IC system and advanced sample extraction and LC products gained when it acquired Massachusetts-based Cohesive Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced sample extraction and liquid chromatography products, in December.


Regis expands services with SFC

Regis Technologies, Inc. (Morton Grove, Illinois) announced the addition of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) to its separations services and will offer GMP separations in April 2007.

The new service marries SFC with the company's chiral HPLC services and products. Regis has long served the analytical and preparative markets with its chromatography products including their proprietary chiral stationary phases.

Regis will use the Thar SFC Method Station equipment with Regis and other chiral stationary phases, and have agreed to be a host demonstration partner for Thar systems.

PerkinElmer acquires product line from Triton

PerkinElmer, Inc. (Wellesley, Massachusetts) announced the acquisition of a line of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) products from Triton Technology Limited (Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom). The DMA instrument is used by scientists in the polymers, pharmaceuticals, and food industries for diverse applications ranging from simple quality control to advanced research.

"This acquisition brings our customers a best-in-class thermal analysis tool that combines ease-of-use and flexibility with powerful performance," said Robert F. Friel, president of PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. "The new DMA 8000 represents the type of novel, next-generation technology we are investing in to continually provide solutions to customers that enable them to advance the pace and precision of their research and testing."

Airgas acquires CFC Refimax

Airgas, Inc. (Radnor, Pennsylvania) announced the acquisition of CFC Refimax, LLC (Atlanta, Georgia), a leading full-service refrigerant supplier and reclamation company. The business generated about $21 million in annual sales in 2006.

Refimax has been integrated into Airgas Specialty Products, a national distributor of ammonia products and services, various process chemicals, and refrigerants.