In a Pickle with Pesticides Sample Prep? Achieve Higher Recoveries with Rapid, Automated Extraction of Any Food Matrix

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Sample preparation is the most important part of your analytical procedure. Should you be doing it better? Live: Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019 at 10am EST | 9am CST | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET On demand available after final airing Nov. 21, 2020 Register free

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Event Overview:

Pesticide testing is a continuously moving target, as additional pesticides are developed or added to the growing list of regulated substances. These compounds are in the fruits and vegetables we eat, the spices we consume, and even the products we use, and each must be tested. QuEChERS has traditionally been used to extract and clean these samples for analysis, but this method has limitations including inconsistency in recovery, time consuming manual processing, and high waste generation.

Tune in to see how higher extraction recoveries can be achieved in an automated platform for all types of foods including wet, fatty, dry, and those high in pigmentation. In this webcast, we will explore the extraction of multiple different pesticides from various food samples, including spices, strawberries, cucumbers, and avocados. We will present data on the single method used to extract the food samples, as well as a study comparing recoveries to traditional methods.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Better understand how to extract pesticides from any food sample

  • Explore the use of a single methodology to extract a large number of pesticides from a wide variety of sample types

  • Compare pesticide data for different extraction techniques

Speaker: Alicia Douglas Stell, PhD, Lead R&D Scientist, Molecular Sample Preparation Division, CEM Corporation

Time and Date: Friday, Nov. 22, 2019 at 11am EST | 8am PST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET

On demand available after final airing Nov. 22, 2020

Sponsor: CEM

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