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The Column

Column, The Column-04-24-2015, Volume 11, Issue 7

Selected highlights of new products launched at Pittcon 2015.

Selected highlights of products presented at Pittcon 2015.

SFC Chiral Columns

SFC chiral columns from Chiral Technologies feature Daicel 3 μm immobilized and coated chiral stationary phases (CSPs) packed into a 3-mm internal diameter column. According to the company, the columns ensure a high success rate in supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) method development for enantiomer separations by combining fast analysis time and high resolution, while also matching the needs of SFC instruments. These properties can be attributed to:

  • High-enantiorecognition ability of the CSPs

  • Fast mass transfer kinetics

  • Favourable van Deemter velocity profile

  • Column packing stability and the selection of column diameter

The columns are available in: 100 × 3.0 mm, 150 × 3.0 mm, and 50 × 3.0 mm dimensions, and are suitable for most demanding SFC separations.



Nitrogen Solutions for Laboratories

Engineered around PSA technology, i-FlowLab from Peak Scientific is available in various pre-configured specifications to suit specific flow and purity demands. According to the company, a single i-FlowLab generator installation can provide nitrogen at flow rates ranging from 40 LPM @ 99.999% to 3402 LPM @ 95%. Purities or residual oxygen are specified at time of system design to meet the needs of the applications and range from 98–99.999%.

Thanks to the expandable design, additional CMS column banks can be added to each generator after installation to increase maximum flow rate.

According to the company, the streamlined, compact footprint design of the system allows for an efficient use of available space.

Applications include:

  • Providing high-purity nitrogen for multiple LC–MS instruments

  • High-flow nitrogen supply for sample evaporators

  • Other laboratory instruments requiring nitrogen - eg. FT-IR, TOC, NMR, and more

  • Meets instrumentation manufacturers specifications (IQ/OQ certifications available on request)


Improving Productivity in Your Lab

Trajan Scientific and Medical unveiled new SGE Analytical Science products at Pittcon 2015 to make things easier in the laboratory, according to the company.

These include:

MyCapLC™ Kit for Life Sciences: Customize CapLC for Your Application

  • DIY capillary column packing, no special instrumentation required.

PEEKTite™ Ti-Lok EXP UHPLC Fittings: Uncomplicated and Reliable UHPLC Connections

  • Finger-tight nut and ferrule system for PEEKsil® tubing up to 18,000 psi.

ProteCol® BioInert UHPLC Column Hardware: Smooth and Inert Glass Lining for Optimal UHPLC Bio Applications

  • Improved performance for bio applications with your phase at 20,000 psi.

5-mL Diamond Headspace Syringes: Higher Limits in Headspace Analysis

  • A gas-tight seal providing low carryover and performance up to 150 °C.


Versatile (U)HPLC Columns

YMC has introduced YMC-Triart for versatility, robustness, and scalability from ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) to prep, according to the company. The latest YMC column family is based on a "hybrid-style" support with a wide range of stability towards pH, temperature, and even 100% aqueous eluents. High versatility is achieved through 6 different modifications: C18, C18 ExRS, C8, Phenyl, PFP, and Diol-HILIC. YMC-Triart is available in particle sizes from 1.9–20 μm, and is reportedly scalable from UHPLC to analytical to process scale! Preparative bulk material (10-, 15-, and 20-μm) is available and can be supplied in large quantities with a short lead time. Request a brochure or a test column now!


Comprehensive Solutions

Zoex Europe is a solution provider in the field of multidimensional comprehensive chromatography! Samples with very complex matrices can be run with GC×GC or LC×LC for maximum separation and identification. Zoex supplies thermal modulators, with or without liquefied nitrogen. Thermal modulation gives the best focus and also a substantial gain in sensitivity. According to the company, thermal modulation also provides the best separation in the second dimension. This modulation can be used in combination with all conventional detectors, but will give the best results with mass spectrometry. As a partner of Agilent Technologies, Zoex provides solutions with the High End QTOF, a quadrupole TOF with high mass accuracy and high mass resolution (HRMS). Zoex also supplies capillary flow technology (CFT) modulators, without the need for liquid nitrogen.

  • Thermal modulation with LN2: C2+ modulation, very sensitive, combines with QTOF HRMS systems, complete separation and compound elucidation.

  • Thermal modulation without LN2: C6+ modulation, same specifications as with LN2.

  • Flow modulation: C2+ modulation, use conventional detectors, less sensitive because of (high) flow dilution, group type separations.