Saving Costs and Labor Time Through Automation for Semi-volatile Organic Contaminants Analysis in Water Samples

Saving Costs and Labor Time Through Automation for Semi-volatile Organic Contaminants Analysis in Water Samples

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Webinar Date/Time: Mon, Nov 13, 2023 10:00 AM EST

Join this webinar to learn more on how water testing laboratories could achieve significant improvements in terms of productivity, data quality and costs reduction, by moving from manual to an automated approach for sample preparation with on-line GC/GC-MS analysis.

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Event Overview:

Analytical laboratories involved in water testing analysis are facing growing demand for monitoring organic contaminants in wastewater, surface, and deep water intended for human consumption. Sample preparation required ahead GC-MS analysis is crucial and represents the most critical bottleneck for higher sample throughput. Manual sample preparation protocols are not only labor-intensive and time consuming, but also quite expensive, prone to human errors, and may expose the operators to hazardous chemicals. Many laboratories started to adopt automated procedures on-line with high-performance analytical instrumentation to simplify daily workflow while ensuring appropriate sensitivity levels. This webinar brings you examples on how water testing laboratories could achieve significant savings after moving from a manual to automated workflow by:

  • Improving sample throughput with unattended, 24/7 operation
  • Enhancing laboratory efficiency with improved data quality
  • Reducing costs with scaled-down solvent and sample volumes

Key Learning Objectives

  • Insight of key automated workflows for trace levels detection of semi-volatile contaminants in water
  • Insight of advanced GC/GC-MS technology for highly sensitive and robust solutions
  • Insight of time and cost savings capability by adopting sample prep automation

Who Should Attend

  • Analyst and lab managers from water testing laboratories
  • Water service providers
  • Lab managers and lab directors who want to know more on automation capabilities for on-line GC-MS analysis.


Cedric Wissel
Application Specialist

Cedric Wissel is part of the analytical team of SampleQ. Cedric has more than 23 years of experience in method development for GC and GC-MS, with a special focus on automated sample preparation for environmental labs for 10 years.

Inge De Dobbeleer
Sales Manager

Inge De Dobbeleer started her career in an environmental laboratory 30 years ago and has been working with GC-MS ever since. She has covered different roles in application development, marketing, and commercial areas, achieving an extensive experience around GC and GC-MS. Currently, Inge is working to offer to customers advice on how to implement automation in their labs and solutions fitting their needs.

Daniela Cavagnino
Product Marketing Manager GC & Autosamplers
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Daniela Cavagnino received a master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Milan, Italy. She started her career in gas chromatography, spending several years in R&D laboratories working on GC technology innovation. She has more than 20 years of experience in product and marketing management roles promoting GC/GC-MS technology and applications.

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