Scitara Announces Partnership With Agilent

Published on: 
Column, October 2022, Volume 18, Issue 10
Pages: 10

Scitara (Massachusetts, USA) has announced a partnership with Agilent towards the integration of Scitara’s Scientific Integration Platform (SIP) with Agilent’s Software and Informatics Division portfolio of products, including chromatography software and laboratory workflow management solutions. Scitara’s SIP provides a universal connectivity solution in a cloud-native infrastructure. Data mobility plays a critical role as laboratory automation and workflow management continue to take center stage in the digital laboratory debate. The SIP integration with Agilent’s portfolio will provide fully configurable access to a wide array of laboratory instruments, applications, and resources, facilitating immediate data mobility.

“Incorporating Scitara’s SIP adds a new data integration feature for our chromatography customers, providing enhanced digital transformation through multi-directional data and workflow management. More agile data management will help our customers optimize their lab operations and increase business efficiencies,” said Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Director of Agilent’s Software and Informatics Division.


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