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Waters Corporation is unique in that it is the only company to meet the challenges of today's discovery, development, process support, and quality control scientists by combining its own advanced separation technologies and powerful mass spectrometers in many novel ways.

Company Description

Waters Corporation is unique in that it is the only company to meet the challenges of today's discovery, development, process support, and quality control scientists by combining its own advanced separation technologies and powerful mass spectrometers in many novel ways. Our instruments, informatics, and chemistry products are designed specifically to meet the needs of laboratories for quality data and data management. Waters' post-sales support personnel consistently receive the highest marks for their breadth of knowledge and their ability to deliver support services.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

Waters has pioneered a new category of liquid chromatography — UltraPerformance LC®, or UPLC®. UPLC offers dramatic improvements in analytical resolution, sensitivity, and speed and brings new levels of productivity to laboratories, while significantly reducing solvent consumption. Compared with conventional HPLC, UPLC results are significantly better. Peaks are narrower and sharper, signal-to-noise ratios are higher, peak capacity is greater, run times are shorter. Combined with MS, UPLC reduces the effects of ion suppression and enhances the performance of virtually any mass spectrometer, allowing laboratories to run more efficiently. Other products and services include the following:

  • UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC® )

  • UPLC® –MS

  • LC–MS

  • Mass spectrometry: MALDI, TOF, QTOF, Quadrupole, Tandem Quadrupole, Ion Mobility MS

  • MSE Technology

  • Gel-permeation chromatography

  • Preparative-liquid chromatography

  • Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)

  • Thermal analysis

  • GC–MS

  • Rheology

  • Microcalorimetry

  • Mycotoxin testing

  • Proficiency testing

Markets Served

Whether they work to protect the world's food and drinking water supplies, the world's art treasures, endangered wildlife, or the environment, or create therapeutics that battle disease and improve the quality of life, scientists rely on Waters technologies to help them unravel the complexities of chemistry and of life itself. Waters operates 100 offices and serves scientists in 54 countries.

Major Products/Services

Waters' main products are instruments, software, chemistries, and support services for UPLC, HPLC, and MS.Our best-known brands are:


  • ACQUITY UPLC® systems

  • ACQUITY UPLC® H-Class systems

  • Alliance® HPLC systems

  • Xevo® mass spectrometers

  • SYNAPT® High Definition MS™ Systems

  • PATROL UPLC® Process Analyzer

  • MassTrak™ Clinical Solutions

  • MassTrak™ Forensic Solutions

  • TRIZAIC™ UPLC® Systems


  • ACQUITY UPLC® columns

  • ACQUITY UPLC® BEH Glycan columns

  • ACQUITY UPLC® CSH™ columns

  • XSelect™ columns

  • XBridge™ columns

  • Atlantis® columns

  • SunFire™ columns

  • Preparative Optimum Bed Density (OBD™) columns

  • Viridis™ SFC columns

  • Symmetry® columns

  • XTerra® columns

  • Certified vials and filtration products

  • DisQuE™ sample extraction products

  • Oasis® sample extraction products

  • Ostro™ sample preparation products

  • PoraPak™ Rxn cartridges

  • Sep-Pak® SPE products

  • Sirocco™ protein precipitation plates

  • Amino acid analysis columns

  • NanoEase™ capillary, trapping and nano-scale columns for LC–MS

  • Peptide, protein, and oligonucleotide separation columns

  • Protein-Pak™ IEX columns

  • RapiGest™ SF surfactant

  • MassPREP™ reference standards and kits

  • TRIZAIC UPLC nanoTile™ technology


  • Empower™ chromatography software (21 CFR Part 11 compliant-ready)

  • MassLynx™ MS software

  • NuGenesis® SDMS software

Services and Support

  • Empower™ Driven Services

  • Compliance Services

  • Waters Quality Parts®

  • Waters Global Services

  • Educational Services

To order our chemistries on-line or to check product availability, order status, delivery timetables, and company-specific pricing, please visit www.waters.com.

In addition, Waters sells a complete line of standalone detectors, pumps, autosamplers, injectors, fraction collectors, and accessories.


Waters operates cGMP, ISO 13485: 2003, and ISO 9001-2008-certified manufacturing plants in Milford, Massachusetts (instruments, parts); Manchester, UK (mass spectrometers), Taunton, Massachusetts (chemistries); and Wexford, Ireland (chemistries/mass spectrometers). Waters Milford facility is also approved for Part 1, Canadian Medical Device Regulations (CMDR).


TA Instruments, Inc., New Castle, Delaware.

Recent Awards

  • BusinessWeek Top 50 Company (2009)

  • Boston Globe Top 100 Places to Work (2009)

  • Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) Best New Product at ASMS for the XEVO TQ MS System (2008)

  • CustomerSAT's ACE Award for Achievement in Customer Excellence (2008)

  • Pittcon Editors Gold Award for the SYNAPT HDMS System (2007)

  • R&D 100 Award for ACQUITY UPLC System (2005)

  • Pittcon Editors Gold Award for the ACQUITY UPLC System (2004)

A Shortcut to Methods Development

Separations scientists looking for help developing a separation or characterization method need not look any further than waters.com. For it's here they'll find one of the largest applications databases of its kind, surpassing 50,000 individual references, abstracts, and downloadable applications literature and scientific articles. Best of all it's free.

Waters maintains the database as a service to the scientific community and continues to add new references to the database at a rapid pace. The site gives scientists the option of requesting a paper copy of articles in the database for which Waters has copyright permission.

Waters, UltraPerformance LC, UPLC, ACQUITY, ACQUITY UPLC, Alliance, Xevo, SYNAPT, PATROL UPLC, XTerra, Symmetry, Atlantis, Oasis, Sep-Pak, NuGenesis, and Waters Quality Parts are registered trademarks of Waters Corporation. High Definition MS, MassTrak, TRIZAIC, CSH, XSelect, Viridis, Protein-Pak, XBridge, SunFire, DisQuE, Ostro, OBD, RapiGest, NanoEase, MassPREP, Sirocco, nanoTile, PoraPak, Empower, MassLynx, and The Science of What's Possible are trademarks of Waters Corporation.

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