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Chiral Technologies, Inc. provides products and custom services for resolution of racemic compounds by enantioselective chromatography.

Company Description

Chiral Technologies, Inc. provides products and custom services for resolution of racemic compounds by enantioselective chromatography. The products comprise high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) columns for analytical, semi-preparative, and preparative enantioselective resolutions, as well as bulk chiral stationary phases, including the innovative immobilized phases CHIRALPAK® IA™, IB™, and IC™. Services range from method development through custom separation solutions for the purification of milligram to multi-kilogram quantities. In addition, process development and pilot studies are offered for projects outsourced for late-stage clinical development. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese fine chemical producer, Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Markets Served

Chiral Technologies, the worldwide market leader in enantioselective chromatography, serves the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and life science industries. Our HPLC and SFC columns are used by pharmaceutical researchers to aid both drug discovery and process development efforts. Custom separation services provide the fastest route from early-stage clinical drug development to market. Our CSPs, including the innovative immobilized phases, play a vital role in the commercial development and manufacture of single-enantiomer products.

Major Products/Services

Industry-standard Daicel columns:

  • Revolutionary immobilized CSPs, including IA, IB, and IC, are offered for the resolution of low-solubility compounds and afford a new level of robustness.

  • Newly introduced columns, packed with 3-µm particles, are designed for high-throughput screening.

  • Bulk chiral stationary phases are supplied for process-scale enantioselective chromatography.

Protein-based chiral columns:

  • Chiral-AGP has extremely broad applicability for the separation of chiral drugs.

  • Chiral-CBH is effective for the separation of basic drugs of many compound types.

  • Chiral-HSA can be used to separate acidic compounds and nonprotolytic compounds.

Custom separations:

  • Custom separation services employ HPLC and SFC with purification capability from milligram up to 20 kg of racemate.

  • A lab-scale simulated moving bed (SMB) is available for purification of up to 50 to 70 kg of racemate and for establishing operating conditions and economics related to commercial-scale development.


Chiral Technologies' headquarters, including a state-of-the-art technical center, is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Fully staffed and equipped technical centers are also located in Strasbourg, France (Chiral Technologies Europe) and at Daicel manufacturing plants in Japan.

Chiral Technologies, Inc.

800 North Five Points Road, West Chester, PA 19380


800-6CHIRAL (800-624-4725)

(610) 594-2100


(610) 594-2325







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