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Pressure-driven Chromatography in Perfectly Ordered Pillar Array Columns

his article reveals the first liquid chromatography (LC) separations performed on a microfabricated pillar array column under pressure-driven conditions. The pillars were non-porous and produced using a Bosch-type deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) to pattern the surface of a silicon wafer and had a diameter of approximately 5 μm. Two different packing densities were compared: one similar to the packing density of a packed bed (external porosity of approximately 49%) and one similar to the packing density of monolithic columns (external porosity of approximately 70%).

Shear-Driven Flow LC: Dispensing with Pumps and Voltage Supplied for Increased Speed and Resolution

The authors discuss the application of shear-driven chromatography, a technique that depends on viscous drag to propel mobile phase in high-resolution/high-speed liquid chromatography. This method, it is claimed, overcomes the pressure- and voltage-drop limitations of both HPLC and CEC. Early development of the technique is reviewed and updated with the current status of the group's work. Also covered are the challenges faced and opportunities available to interface such systems to MS and UV/vis absorption detectors.