Douglas E. Raynie | Authors


Recent Advances in Solid-Phase Microextraction, Part 1: New Tricks for an Old Dog

Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) was introduced nearly 30 years ago and since that time has matured into a widely used tool in the arsenal of sample preparation techniques. Simultaneously, it has spawned a host of related techniques where sorbent coatings are placed on stir bars, magnetic particles, vial walls, and so on. Over the past few years, several advances in SPME have been developed, including increasing the sorbent surface area available for extraction, accommodating direct analysis by mass spectrometry (MS), and sorbent overcoating to resist fouling by sugars, lipids, and other macromolecules present in some sample types. These advances are discussed in this month’s instalment. The use of SPME for microsampling of biological systems, so-called bio-SPME, will be the focus of Part 2.