Jordy J. Hsiao | Authors


Troubleshooting LC Separations of Biomolecules, Part 2: Passivation and Mobile-Phase Additives

Bioinert and biocompatible liquid chromatography (LC) systems are becoming more commonplace in laboratories, but the majority of biomolecule separations still use LC systems composed primarily of stainless steel parts. Can passivation or mobile phase additives improve separations on these systems for metal-sensitive biomolecules?

The Use of HILIC Zwitterionic Phase Superficially Porous Particles for Metabolomics Analysis

This article highlights the use of a new HILIC zwitterionic phase on superficially porous particles. A study on the use of a novel mobile-phase additive to achieve superior peak shape and isomer separation is also discussed, as well as improved LC–MS detection capabilities for metabolomics analysis.