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What Challenges do High-Performance Surface Consumables Solve?

How standardized, high-performance surface consumables solve the challenge of non-specific adsorption for metal-sensitive analytes in bioseparations.

Improved Separation Performance of mAbs and ADCs

This application note discusses SEC and how to reduce undesired secondary interactions between proteins and the LC column hardware.

Expanding SEC Platform Method Versatility for mAb Analysis

This application note reviews use a of new SEC column technology to streamline method development for reliable size-variant analysis of therapeutic proteins.

A New Benchmark in Inert SEC Column Design

This application note discusses synergistic coupling of new SEC particle and hardware technologies to reduce non-desired secondary interactions in protein SEC analyses.

USP Monograph mAb SEC Method Robustness on SEC Column

This application note discusses the advantages of using Waters XBridge™ Premier Protein SEC column in the published USP monograph for SEC-based mAb analyses.