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Overcoming Challenges with Aging Instrumentation with Heather Rennie

Lab scientists are constantly faced with challenges caused by aging technology including longer run times, expensive repairs and less sensitivity of their samples. As instruments approach end of life, accessing trained professionals to repair older technology also becomes more difficult and costly. In this podcast, Heather Rennie, Senior Manager, Global Services, from Waters Corporation will discuss the benefits of protecting instrumentation by including a service coverage support package at the time of purchase.

PFAS Analysis Using EPA Method 537.1

This brief demonstrates the extraction and analysis of PFAS compounds in water following EPA method 537.1, using PS2 solid-phase extraction and LC–MS/MS.

Non-targeted Analyses of PFAS

Workflows for non-targeted analyses for PFAS in wastewater and soil samples are demonstrated using a Xevo G2-XS QTof coupled with an ACQUITY UPLC.