LCGC North America-03-01-2019

LCGC North America March 2019
LCGC North America

March 01, 2019

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How many new columns truly offer new selectivity?

A hybrid system is the worst possible choice for managing your regulated data.

In method transfer, carefully aligning the modules of the two systems is essential.

A new method to analyze low concentrations of the drug diclofenac in wastewater.

Pressure tuning makes it easy to change the orthogonality in the 2D space.

Ken Broeckhoven explains his pursuit of ever higher performance in HPLC.

Prof. Novotny discusses the joys of mentoring and the future of separation science.

LCGC North America
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March 01, 2019

Gas chromatography (GC) sampling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is typically done by headspace, purge and trap, or thermal desorption instruments. Headspace sampling is the simplest of the techniques, where a vapor sample is taken from the space above the liquid sample in a GC vial.