Agilent 7693A ALS


Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, substantially reduce solvent and waste usage and reduce rework while automating sample injection using the next generation Agilent 7693A ALS.

Are you looking for cost efficient ways to automate sample prep that will help you increase your throughout? Is your lab looking to reduce worker exposure to chemicals? Are waste disposal and solvent expenses eating away at your budget?

The world is as competitive as ever and your lab needs to be as lean as possible. Look to the Agilent 7693A ALS to enhance your lab’s productivity - in ways you might not have considered.

With the heating and mixing capabilities of the 7693A, it is capable of automating common lab procedures such as dilution, internal standard addition, derivatization and more. Do you just need a new injector? Then purchase the 7693A injector and optional tray for automation injection of up to 150 samples. If your needs grow, purchase the additional modules that enable the sample prep capabilities of the sampler. The 7693A - exactly what you need it to be.

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