Agilent CrossLab

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Agilent product profile

Put Agilent CrossLab quality supplies to work across your lab.

Agilent CrossLab is a growing portfolio of supplies critical to instrument performance and productivity, manufactured to perform seamlessly with a variety of analytical instruments in your lab, regardless of make or model, including:

•Bruker, Varian (now a Bruker GC product)
•And more coming soon

The growing portfolio features easy-to-use packaging for improved productivity and includes:

•Premium nonstick inlet septa
•Ultra Inert inlet liners
•Liner O-rings
•Capillary column ferrules and nuts
•Autosampler syringes
•Vials and closures
•With more to come

In choosing Agilent CrossLab supplies, you can pick up the phone, dial a single number, and be confident that you’re ordering the right supplies for your instruments, regardless of manufacturer. And thanks to Agilent’s global delivery infrastructure you can count on getting the parts you need when you need them.

When you choose Agilent CrossLab, you know you’ll get:

•Over 40 years of chromatography expertise and ongoing innovation
•The same commitment to quality inherent in Agilent products
•Optimal performance for both routine and challenging applications

Explore the CrossLab portfolio and order supplies today.