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Introducing Agilent OpenLAB CDS – Increasing Productivity for Instrument Labs

Laboratories worldwide are under pressure to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. As the next revision of Agilent ChemStation and EZChrom Elite CDS, the new OpenLAB Chromatography Data System (CDS) brings major functional enhancements that reduce the time for data review and reprocessing and make report generation more powerful and intuitive. Significantly reduce your cost of operation, increase your analysts’ productivity and make complex reporting easy – learn how OpenLAB CDS can give you final analytical results two times faster than today.

Complex reports made easy

OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporter is a new custom reporting module that is available in addition to the current reporting modules in Agilent ChemStation and Agilent EZChrom Elite. OpenLAB CDS Intelligent Reporter can automate calculations you currently perform manually and provides your analytical results exactly the way you need them.

Reduce time and effort

OpenLAB CDS provides you with new reporting, instrument management, and data review functionality that will make your analysts more productive and help your laboratory operate more efficiently. With the new and intuitively designed OpenLAB Control Panel and Intelligent Reporter components, OpenLAB CDS will reduce the time and effort for installation, configuration, administration, and user training.

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