ALEXYS Neuroscience Analyzers


Antec Product Profile

For ultra-sensitive and fast analysis of Neurotransmitters such as Monoamines, GABA/Glutamate and (acetyl)choline from microdialysates or brain tissue the ALEXYS™ Analyzers are the instruments of choice.

The Analyzers are based on HPLC with Electrochemical Detection (ECD) with a sample capacity of 2 plates for 192 microvials or 786 wells. They are ideally suited for the automated handling of small samples

For direct response measurements, e.g., stimulus measurement, with high time resolution the Analyzers can be on-line connected to the microdialysis probe of the rodent, allowing for near real time in-vivo measurement with sampling rates as short as 3 minutes. Similar ALEXYS™ configurations can be used for the on-line measurement of all monoamines including metabolites, resulting in more data from a single sample injection and substantial saving in rodents.

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