Analytica 2014 Thursday Afternoon Sessions


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Analytica 2014 Thursday Afternoon Sessions

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 3

Session Title: Sensors with and for Nanoparticles

Session chaired by Professor Gauglitz

12:00 — Günter Tovar:Sensors Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Particles12:30 — Günther Proll:Enhancing Performance of Sensors by Nanomaterials

Session Title: Modern Analytical Tools to Ensure Safety and Authenticity of Foods

Session chaired by Professor Rychlik

13:30 — Ilka Haase:DNA-Based Food Authenticity Control by Classical as well as Isothermal Amplification Methods and Next Generation Sequencing14:00 — Philipp Schmitt-Kopplin:Assessing Chemodiversity of Different Wine Appellations in Burgundy with Targeted and Non-Targeted Metabolomics: Vintage vs Terroir Effects14:30 — Jana Hajslova:Food Fingerprinting: Profiling Employing High Resolution Mass Spectrometry: A Challenging Tool for Rapid and Unbiased Authentication15:30 — Franz Berthiller:  Development and Application of an Exact Mass LC-MS/MS Library for the Screening of Mycotoxins in Food 16:00 — Ronald Maul: Undercover Analytes — Conjugated Mycotoxins as a new Challenge in Food Analysis

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 5

Session Title: Moving Frontiers in Elemental and Molecular Spectroscopy Granting Access to Essential Information for Life Science

Session chaired by Dr Buscher and Dr Schlemmer

12:00 — Uwe Karst:Elemental Bioimaging in Pharmaceutical Analysis 12:30 — Maria Montes-Bayón: The Use of 31P Elemental Detection by ICP-MS for Quantitative Studies on DNA:  Metallodrugs Cytotoxicity, DNA Methylation and Quantitative PCR14:00 — Oliver Reich: Preisverleihung (Award Ceremony) Bunsen-Kirchhoff-PreisPreisträgervortrag (Award-Lecture): Photon Density Wave Spectroscopy: From Basic Principles to Fascinating Applications  14:30 — Bernhard Lendl: Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Lasers: A Promising Light Source for Use in Analytical Chemistry15:00 — Michel Ulmschneider:Three-Dimensional Analysis of Pharmaceutical Samples Using Spectroscopic Techniques. Potential of Use16:00 — Jürgen Popp:Raman Spectroscopy — A Powerful Technique in Biophotonics16:30 — Andreas Römpp:Mass Spectrometry Imaging: Highly Resolved Spatial and Molecular Information

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 4a

Session Title: Chemometrische Methoden - Optimaler Informationsgewinn aus analytischen und qualitätssichernden Daten

Session chaired byDr von Tümpling

12:10 — Michal Daszykowski:Chemometric Processing of Chemical Fingerprints12:30 — Kristin Schäfer: Multivariat-statistische Aus- und Bewertung von Bodenbelastungen 13:10 — Jürgen von Frese:Data Fusion — The Art of Harvesting Synergy from Complementary Analytical Data

Session Title: Proteomics in Biomedical Research

Session chaired by Professor Stühler

14:00 — Christoph Borchers: MRM from Dried Blood Spots to Quantify Multiple Proteins for Clinical Use 14:30 — Peter Hoffmann: Peptide Tissue Imaging Mass Spectrometry on Tissue Micro Arrays in Cancer Diagnostic and Personalized Medicine15:00 — Detlev Suckau: Mass Spectrometry for the Fast Structure Determination of Originator Biotherapeutics as Leads for Biosimilar Development: The Cetuximab Case Study 16:00 — Oliver Pötz:Cross-Species Immunoassays for Preclinical Safety and Toxicity Validation16:30 — Martin Blüggel:Proteomics Techniques applied for the Development and Quality Control of Biopharmaceuticals17:00 — Madalina Oppermann:High Resolution Accurate Mass Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry: Improved Discovery for Better Quantitative and Targeted Analysis

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 2Session Title: Affinity Proteomics: Catch & Measure

Session chaired by Dr Pötz

12:20 — Larry Gold: Clinical Proteomics for Sickness and Wellness
Session Title: Lipidomics in Signaling and Diseases

Session chaired by Dr Ahrends

14:00 — Markus R. Wenk: ‘Deep Profiling’ with Enhanced Analytical Workflows Reveals New Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Species14:30 — Andrej Shevchenko:Lipids and Ecdysteroids in Developing Drosophila15:00 — Oliver Fiehn:Utilizing the Novel LipidBlast Virtual MS/MS Library in High Throughput Blood Plasma Screening of Clinical Cohorts16:00 — Dominik Schwudke:Tissue Lipidomics of the Human Lung16:30 — Gavin Reid:Bridging the Biological and Analytical Sciences to Determine the Role of Aberrant Lipid Metabolism in the Onset and Progression of Disease17:00 — Gerhard Liebisch:High Throughput Quantification and metabolic Profiling of Lipid Species

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