Analytica 2014 Thursday Morning Sessions


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Analytica 2014 Thursday Morning Sessions

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 3

Session Title: Sensors with and for Nanoparticles

Session chaired by Professor Gauglitz

10:30 —Preisverleihungen der GDCh-Fachgruppe Analytische Chemie 11:00 — Guillermo Orrelana: Luminescent Core-Shell Nanoparticles Engineered for Targeted Forster Resonance Energy Transfer-Based Biomimetic Sensing11:30 — Bernhard Gerstenecker: Application of Nanoparticles in POCT (Point-of-Care Testing)

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 5

Session Title: Moving Frontiers in Elemental and Molecular Spectroscopy Granting Access to Essential Information for Life Science

Session chaired by Dr Buscher and Dr. Schlemmer

10:30 — Peter Griffiths: Infrared Mapping Below the Diffraction Limit 11:00 — Cornel Venzago:Trace Elements: Challenges for the Analyses of Bulk Concentrations and Species11:30 — Dirk Schaumlöffel:Elemental Imaging in Biological cells by Synchrotron XRF and NanoSIMS

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 4a

Session Title: Chemometrische Methoden - Optimaler Informationsgewinn aus analytischen und qualitätssichernden Daten

Session chaired byDr von Tümpling

11:00 — Jürgen W. Einax:Chemometrik - Werkzeug für die Analytik11:40 — Wolf von Tümpling:Qualitätssicherung - Eine Verantwortung des Analytikers, auch über die Laborgrenzen hinaus

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 2

Session Title: Affinity Proteomics: Catch & Measure

Session chaired by Dr Pötz

10:30 — Oliver Pötz: Opening "Affinity Proteomics: Catch & Measure"10:40 — Jochen M. Schwenk: Antibody-Centric Profiling of Body Fluids11:05 — Simon Fredriksson: Scalable, Multiplexed, and Sensitive Immunoassays by the Proximity Extension Assay 11:30 — Andrew Chambers: Immuno-MALDI Mass Spectrometry for Clinical Proteomics 11:55 — Markus F. Templin: Western on Beads: Signal Transduction Analysis in Microdissections

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