Analytica 2014 Wednesday Afternoon Sessions


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Analytica 2014 Wednesday Afternoon Sessions

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 5

Session Title: Limits and Scales in Analytical Sciences

Session chaired by Professor Kneipp and Professor Panne

12:00 —

Jörg Enderlein:

Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy and its Potential for Analytical Chemistry

12:30 —

Kannan Balasubramanian:

Nanoscale Sensing Devices for Label-Free on-chip (bio) Chemical Analysis)

13:00 —

Andrew J. deMello:

Microfluidic Manipulations: Confining Living Organisms in Small Volumes

Session Title: Drug Testing and Metabolism in Samples Beyond Conventional Matrices

Session chaired by Professor Maurer

14:00 — Christophe Stove:Drug Testing in Dried Blood Spots14:30 — Olof Beck: Drug Testing in Exhaled Breath15:00 — Markus R. Baumgartner:Drug Testing in Finger Nails16:00 — Adrian Covaci:Drug Testing in Waste Water16:30 — Markus R. Meyer:Drug Metabolism by Waste Water Microbes17:00 — Theodor Peters:Drug Metabolism by Fungi Colonizing Decomposing Human Cadavers

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 3

Session Title: Hyphenated Techniques in Modern Analytical Chemistry

Session chaired by Professor Schmitz

12:00 — Ralf Zimmermann:

Gas Chromatography and Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gaschromatography Coupled to either a Multi-Reflection High Resolution Time-of-Flight-Mass-Spectrometer or an APCI-FT Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass-Spectrometer for Characterization of Complex Mixtures

12:30 — Peter Schoenmakers:

Toward HYPERformance Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography

13:00 — Thorsten Teutenberg:

Development of a Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Nano-/Capillary-LC System with Mass-Spectrometric Detection for the Screening Analysis of Complex Samples

Session Title: Modern Trends in Separation Sciences: Exploring the Limits (mit Preisverleihung Gerstel-Preis)

Session chaired by Dr. Lamotte

13:30 —Preisverleihung Eberhard-Gerstelpreis und Preisträger-Vortrag14:00 — Marcel Althaus: Fast Chiral Method Development Combining Parallel Screening and Analytical SFC Systems: Concepts and Possibilities 14:30 — Till Gründling: Tools for the Task - Mastering Challenges in Polymer Characterization by Chromatography Mass Spectrometry15:00 — Matthias Pursch: Heart-Cut and Comprehensive 2D-LC Separation Applied to Complex Sample Chemistries 16:00 — Hans-Georg Schmarr:Unraveling the Mystery of Wine Aroma: Beneficial Use of Multidimensional Gas Chromatographic Systems16:30 — Frederic Lynen: Stationary Phase Optimized LC and SFC: Development of Versatile Gradient and Isocratic Strategies for more effective Chromatography17:00 — Wolfgang Goetzinger:Analytical Challenges and Solutions in Pharmaceutical Discovery

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 4b

Session Title: International Year of Crystallography – Current Topics in Industry and Academia

Session chaired by Professor Lehmann

12:00 — Wolfgang W. Schmahl: EBSD in Biomaterials Research12:30 — Chris Frampton:Diffraction on Drugs: Characterisation of the Pharmaceutical Solid-Form13:00 — Harald Berchtold: The Evolution of Insulins and their Continuing Contribution to Diabetes Care14:00 — Jürgen Graf:The Liquid Metal Jet X-ray Source: A new Type of Brilliant X-Ray Sources for X-Ray Analytics in Science and Industry 14:30 — David Allan:The Chemical Crystallography Beamline at Diamond David15:00 — Birger Dittrich: On the Weakness of the Independent Atom Model in Distinguishing 3d Metal Atoms in Coordination Compounds by X-ray diffraction and a Remedy

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 2

Session Title: Bioimaging of Tissues

Session chaired by Professor Feldmann

12:00 — Jörg Hippler: Change of Zinc Homeostasis in Human Breast Carcinomas by Laser Ablation ICP-MSH 12:30 — Eva M. Krupp: Bioimaging of Isotopes using LA-ICPMS: Can we use this for Pharmacokinetic Studies?

Session Title: Clinical Proteomics

Session chaired by Professor Borchers

14:00 — Michael Glocker:Diagnostics of Pregnancy Complications by Affinity – Mass Spectrometry 14:30— Thomas Joos: Miniaturized Multiplexed Immunoassays for Biomarker Discovery and Validation15:00 — Markus Kostrzewa: MALDI-TOF MS in Clinical Microbiology – an Ongoing Revolution 16:00 — Andrew Percy:Multiplexed MRM Quantitation for Protein Biomarker Verification of Human Plasma and CSF16:30 — Julia Burkhart:Systematic Characterization of Human Platelets in Arterial Vascular Disorders by Quantitative Proteomics17:00 — Jennifer van Eyk:Constraint S/MRM Mass Spectrometry Assays: Quantification of Disease-Induced Modified Proteins in Heart and Aortic Disease

International Congress Center Munich (ICM) Room 4a

Session Title: Biological Timekeeping by Circadian Clocks

Session chaired by Professor Reinke

12:00 — Achim Kramer: Posttranscriptional Mechanisms Regulate Circadian Dynamics12:30 — Patrick Nolan:New Genes Affecting the Molecular and Cellular Circuitry of Clocks 13:00 — Eva Wolf: Structure-Function Analyses of Cryptochromes 14:00 — Frédéric Gachon: Regulation of Mouse Physiology by Circadian Clock-Coordinated Post-Translational Modification14:30 — Gad Asher:Daily Regulation of Hepatic Triglyceride Accumulation 15:00 — Martha Merrow:Using Entrainment to Understand Circadian Clock Function 16:00 — Charna Dibner: New Insights into Circadian Clockwork in Human Pancreatic Islets and Skeletal Muscle16:30 — Roman Kondratov: Circadian Clock Mechanisms in Aging



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