Analytica 2016 Thursday Afternoon Sessions


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Analytica 2016 Thursday Afternoon Sessions

Session Title: Lab on Chip Technologies (Room 02)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. A. Manz


12:00 -

C.A. Merten:

Living Droplets – Functional Screening of Antibodies and Vaccines at High Throughput

12:30 -

A. Manz:

Biomimetic Channels and Channel Networks

13:00 -

H. Becker:

Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies: From the Academic Lab to Industrial Products  


Session Title: Laboratory Management (Room 04a)


Chairman: Dr. M. Orth


12:10 -

M. Orth:

QMS Standards in the Medical Laboratory (EN 15189, EN 17020, EN 17025, Rilibäk or SLIPTA)

12:50 -

S. Yenice:

Evolving Clinical Laboratory Management through Implementation of a Risk Assessment Plan  


Session Title:  Disruptive Imaging Technologies (Room 02)


Chairman: Dr. E. Freier


14:00 -

N. de Jonge:

 Electron Microscopy of Growth Factor Receptors in Intact Cancer Cells in Liquid

14:30 -

B. Balluff:

Mass Spectrometry Imaging

15:00 -

J. Moger:

To Be Announced

15:30  -


16:00 -

K. König:

In Vivo Multimodal Histology with the Multiphoton/CARS Tomograph

16:30 -

Z. Jiang:

Video-Rate Label-Free Imaging with CARS Microscopy  


Session Title: Endocrinological Laboratory Diagnostics of Hypertension (Room 04a)


Chairman: Dr. M. Bidlingmaier 


14:00 -

M. Peitzsch:

LC–MS–MS based Diagnostics of Catecholamine Producing Tumours as a Cause of Secondary Hypertension

14:30 -

K. Ritzel:

Update: The Diagnosis of Cushing’s Syndrome

15:00 -

Y. J. Bae:

Salivary Cortisol and Cortisone in Psychoneuroendocrinology

15:30 - Break

16:00 -

M. Vogeser:

Cortisol- Standardisation of Immunoassay and LC–MS–MS

16:30 -

M. Bidlingmaier:

Primary Aldosteronism  


Session Title: New Strategies in Modern Analytical Spectroscopy – Surprising Insights (Room 05)


Chairman: Dr. W. Buscher


12:00 -

E. Krupp:

Is Mercury Detoxification Responsible for Brain Disease? A Study on Pilot Whales

12:30 -

A. Römpp:

Recent Trends and Developments in Mass Spectrometry Imaging

13:00 -

C. Haisch:

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy in Microbiology

13:30 - Break

14:00 -

J. Feldmann:

Arsenic Speciation becomes Almost as Complex as Carbon Speciation

14:30 -

J. Bettmer:

ICP-MS Methods for the Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles in Cell Cultures, Biological Fluids and Tissues

15:00 -

T. Vielhaber:

Nanoparticle Imaging in Biological Tissues

15:30 - Break

16:00 -

J. Popp:

Individual Therapy Based on Powerful Diagnosis - Potentials and Limitation of Biophotonics

16:30 -

M. Montes-Bayon:

Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Therapy for Iron Deficiency: Analytical Challenges  


Session Title: Optimal Design of Experiments (Room 03)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Hitzmann


12:00 -

O. Paquet-Durand:

Optimal Experimental Design for the Parameter Estimation of Hydration Kinetics of Wheat Grains

12:30 -

F. Neddermeyer:

Online OED for the Autotrophic Cultivation of Ralstonia Eutropha

13:00 -

M. Illner:

Systematic Approach for Online Spectroscopy in Technical Systems – Experimental Design for Raman Spectroscopy in Micro Emulsions  


Session Title: Spectroscopic Techniques for Bioprocess Monitoring (Room 03)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Hitzmann


14:00 - D. Solle:

Spectroscopic Analytical Technology for Bioprocesses – Challenges, Limitations, and Possibilities

14:30 -

A. Pitters:

Process Raman Spectroscopy for In-Line Monitoring of Mammalian Cell Cultures in Real Time

15:00 -

R. Vangenechten:

Using PAT as a Qualitative Tool for Bioreactor Monitoring

15:30 - Break

16:00 -

T. Becker:

Bioprocess Monitoring Using NIR and Fluorometric Measurements – Development of Novel Concepts

16:30 -

S. Assawajaruwan:

Selection Techniques for Significant Fluorescence Wavelength Combinations  


Session Title: Begleiter im Analytischen Alltag zur “Informationsextraktion” (Room 04b)


Chairman: Dr. W. von Tümpling


12:00 - S. Prikler:

Probennahme - der unterschätzte Teil des analytisches Prozesses

12:30 -

W. von Tümpling:

Monitoring Daten - Möglichkeiten der "Informationsextraktion" mit chemometrischen Methoden

13:00 -

M. Winterstein:

Messunsicherheit und Grenzwert  


Session Title: Advances in Electroanalysis (Room 04b)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. F.-M. Matysik


14:00 -

M.V. Mirkin:

Electroanalysis with Carbon Nanoprobes

14:30 -

E. Bakker:

New Opportunities for Ion Sensing with Thin Layers

15:00 -

H. Oberacher:

Studying Oxidation Reactions of Nucleic Acids with Electrochemistry-Mass Spectrometry

15:30 - Break

16:00 - V. Vyskočil:

Electrochemical DNA Biosensors for Screening of Genotoxic Compounds

16:30 -

A. Kiss:

High-Speed SECM Imaging

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