Analytica 2016 Tuesday Afternoon Sessions


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Analytica 2016 Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

Session Title: Structural “Omics” (Room 02)


Chairman:  Prof. Dr. C. Borchers 


12:00 –

K. Pagel:

Glycomics in a Wind Tunnel - Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry of Isomeric Glycans and Glycopeptides

12:30 –

F. Liu:

Proteome-wide Profiling of Protein Assemblies by Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry

13:00 –

E. Petrotchenko:

Solving Protein Structures by Structural Proteomics

13:30 – Break



Session Title: Liquid Profiling/Liquid Biopsy (Room 04a)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. D. Teupser


12:00 –

V. Haselmann:

Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA): Diagnostic and Technical Promises and Challenges


W. Schmiegel:

Liquid Biopsy – What is the Relevance?


M.W. Gutowska-Ding:

Good or Bad Sequencing Data? Setting a Benchmark for the Quality of Diagnostic NGS in the Laboratory

13:30 – Break



Session Title: Separation Techniques: How Many Dimensions Are Enough? (Room 05)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. O. J. Schmitz


12:15 –

T. Moritz:

Mass Spectrometry- based Metabolomics: Not MS Only

12:45 – Award Session: Eberhard-Gerstel-Award (Room 05)



Session Title: Rudolf Bock Memory Lecture (Room 05) 


Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Nießner


13:15 –

W. Dünges:

Comprehensive Microchemical Methods in the nL/μL-Range  


Session Title: Separation Techniques: How Many Dimensions Are Enough? (Room 05) 


Chairman: Prof. Dr. O. J. Schmitz


14:00 –

P. Schoenmakers:

Increasing the Resolution, Speed, and Sensitivity of Separations

14:30 –


T. Teutenberg:

Optimization of the Separation Space and Separation Time in Online LC x LC – How Fast Can We Go?

15:00 –

O. J. Schmitz:

Ion Mobility Spectroscopy as a Powerful Separation Dimension in LC–MS

15:30 – Break

16:00 –

D. Stoll:

Making the Most of the Second Dimension in Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography

16:30 – M. Thevis:

Recent Examples for the Utility of Chromatography, Ion Mobility, and Mass Spectrometry in Sports Drug Testing  


Session Title: Foodomics - Tools for Comprehensive Food Analysis (Room 03)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. P. Schmitt-Kopplin


12:00 – C. Roullier-Gall:

Chemical Message in a Bottle: Metabolomics Characterization of the Wine Composition

12:30 – J. Luetjohann:

Pesticide Metabolomics: Screening of Plant-Derived Commodities for Pesticide Metabolites by UHPLC-HR-QToF-MS

13:00 – Break



Session Title:  “OMICS” Towards Personalized Medicine (Room 02) 


Chairman: Prof. Dr. A. Sickmann


14:00 –

C. Borchers:

Quantifying Signalling Pathway Activity Using Immuno-MALDI

14:30 –

J.R. Yates:

Understanding Disease Using Mass Spectrometry

15:00 – T. Guo:

Rapid and High-Throughput Protein Quantification from Biopsy-level Tissues Using PCT-SWATH

15:30 – Break

16:00 –

N.L. Kelleher:

Native and Denatured Modes for Interrogation of Whole Proteins and Protein Complexes by Top Down Proteomics

16:30 –

J. Van Eyk:

Proteome-Centric Requirement for Precision Medicine and Understanding Pathological Diversity

17:00 –

O. Poetz:

Monitor Preterm Infant Organ Maturity by Plasma Proteins  


Session Title: Clinical Application of Mass Spectroscopy (Room 04a) 


Chairman: Prof. Dr. M. Vogeser and Prof. Dr. U. Ceglarek


14:00 –

C. Rizzo:

Mass Spectrometry in Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

14:30 –

J.W. Alffenaar:

Modern TDM by MS

15:00 – A. Gaudl:

Quantitative Steroid Analysis in Body Fluids and Hair: One Method to Rule Them All

15:30 – Break


Session Title: Analytical Toxicology Update (Room 04a) 


Chairman: Dr. J. Hallbach and Prof. Dr. K. Rentsch


16:00 –

H. John:

Identification of Novel Sulfur Mustard Adducts with Implications for Verification and Toxicological In Vitro Testing

16:20 –

K.M. Rentsch:

The Role of LC–MS in Clinical Toxicology

16:40 –

J. Hallbach:

Is GC–MS Still a Working Horse in Analytical Toxicology?  


Session Title: Emerging Contaminants – Novel Analytical Concepts (Room 03) 


Chairman: Prof. Dr. M. Rychlik 


14:00 – C. Dall’Asta:

Modified Mycotoxins: Formation, Occurrence, and Relevance in Food

14:30 – S. Uhlig:

Fungal Polyketides: 2-Amino-14,16-Dimethyloctadecan-3-ol, Its History, Biosynthesis, and Biological Effects

15:00 – R. Maul:

Phomopsins – Toxic Secondary Metabolites Formed by Diaporthe toxica on Various Legumes

15:30 – Break

16:00 –

C. Gottschalk:

Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids - A New Threat for Food and Feed Safety?

16:30 – T. Stahl:

Studies on the Paths of entry of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) in Foodstuffs and in the Food Chain by the use of LC–MS–MS

17:00 – F. Habedank:

Disclosure of Pesticide Metabolites by Reprocessing Full Scan Data of Macp Routine Samples  


Session Title: Resource Analysis 

 The Constant Companion of all Activities along the Value-Added-Chain (Room 04b)


Chairman: Dr. A. Renno


14:00 –

C. Wagner:

A Scientific Basis for Representative Sampling – Theory of Sampling

14:30 – R. Möcke:

State-of-the-Art Quantitative Mineral Phase Determination of  Resource Materials by XRD

15:00 – D. Sandmann:

Development and Application of SEM-based Mineral Liberation Analysis

15:30 – Break

16:00 –

J.D. Pedarnig:

Application of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to the Analysis of Secondary Materials in Industrial Production

16:30 –

A. Müller:

 Chemical Characterization of Natural High-purity Quartz Deposits – The Source of High-tech Products

17:00 –

M. Maiwald:

Process Analytical Technology for Resource Analytics – The Role of Reference Materials

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