Analytica 2016 Wednesday Afternoon Sessions


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Analytica 2016 Wednesday Afternoon Sessions

Session Title: Omics Technologies Standardization (Room 02)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. C. Huber


12:00 - B. Delanghe:

Integration of Multiple ‘Omics Data 

12:30 - J. Cox:

The Perseus Computational Platform for Comprehensive Analysis of (prote)Omics Data

13:00 - B. Kuster:

ProteomeTools – Reagents, Assays, and Informatics for the Next Generation of Proteomic Research  

Session Title: Immunology (Room 04a)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. H. Renz


12:00 - J. M. Hollidt:

Companion Diagnostics in Immunology: Today and What are the Trends?

12:30 - F. Bier:

Immunodiagnostics Meets Mobile-Health

13:00 - H. Renz:

Biomarker in der Stratifizierung von Allergie- und Asthmapatienten  


Session Title: Metabolomics - New Technologies (Room 02)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. G. Xu


14:00 - G. Xu:

Towards the Comprehensive Analysis of Metabolome

14:30 - K. Dettmer:

GC-APCI-TOFMS - A Valuable Tool in Metabolomics

15:00 - L. Li:

Development of High-Performance Chemical Isotope Labeling LC–MS for Quantitative Metabolomics with High Coverage

15:30  - Break

16:00 - R. Ramautar:

Low-Flow Sheathless Capillary Electrophoresis–Mass Spectrometry for Comprehensive Profiling of Ionogenic Metabolites in Ultra-Small Biological Samples

16:30 - M. Holčapek:

Analytical Monitoring of Lipidomic Changes for Selected Types of Cancer

17:00 - J. Griffin:

Fat, Sugar and Metabolomics – Understanding how Diabetes Using Mass Spectrometry  


Session Title: Reference Values und Extraanalytical Quality(Room 04a)


Chairman: Dr. T. Streichert and Prof. Dr. M. Fiedler


14:00 - T. Streichert:

New Model for Defining Performance Criteria

14:30 - J. Zierk:

A Multi-Center Approach to Continuous Pediatric Reference Intervals

15:00 - R. Baber:

Preanalytical Aspects of Liquid Biobanking

15:30 - A. Leichtle:

Biobank Bern – Integration in den labormedizinischen Prozess  


Session Title: Accreditation in the Medical Laboratory (Room 04a)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. E. Wieland


16:00 - E. Wieland:

Measurement of Immunosuppressive Drugs in Clinical Practice: Recommendations of the IATDMCT Immunosuppressive Drugs Scientific Committee

16:30 - F. Spitzenberger:

Characteristics of the New European IVD Regulation and Implications for Medical Laboratories  


Session Title: Energy & Fuel (Room 05)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Zimmermann


12:10 - R. Rodgers:

Advanced Characterization of Heteroatom-Containing Species in Petroleum 

12:30 - F. Dorman:

Utilizing GCxGC-TOFMS and GCxGC-HRTOFMS to Determine the Source of a Groundwater Supply Contamination Incident Due to Marcellus Shale Gas Development

12:50 - T. Streibel:

Characterization of Crude Oils and Asphaltenes by Pyrolysis GC–MS and Thermal Analysis Coupled to Photo Ionization Mass Spectrometry

13:10 - T. Gröger:

The Application of Multidimensional Chromatographic Techniques with Different Detection Systems for a Detailed Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Medium and High Boiling Petrochemical Matrices from Fuel Processing

13:30 - Break

14:00 - P. Giusti:

Recent Advances in Molecular Characterization of Complex Industrial Matrices such as Oils and Polymers

14:20 - T. Wilharm:

Ignition Characteristics of Fuels in a New Constant Volume Combustion Chamber

14:20 - K.A. Schug:

Application of Gas Chromatography – Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy for Petrochemicals Analysis

15:00 - A. Maximov:

Analytical Methods for Development of Catalytic Slurry Hydroprocessing of Heavy Feedstocks

15:20 - F. David:

The Role of GC Separation, MS Ionization, and MS Resolution in Fuel Characterization

15:40 - Break

16:00 - J.T. Andersson:

Your Petroleum May be Quite Different from what Electrospray–Mass Spectrometry Makes you Believe

16:20 - F.G.A. van den Berg:

Characterization of Complex High-Boiling Petroleum Compounds: An Industrial Perspective

16:40 - T. Lynch:

Selective Ionization and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry – Some Applications from the Petrochemical Industry  


Session Title: Trace Analysis of Wastewater (Room 03)


Chairman: Dr. W. Schulz


12:00 - C. vom Eyser:

Analysis of Wastewater Using Online-SPE-LC–MS–MS and µLC–MS–MS

12:30 - J. Hollender:

Strategies to Trace Organic Micropollutants and Their Transformation Products During Wastewater Treatment Processes

13:00 - S.C. Weiss:

Effect-Directed Analysis with Thin-Layer Chromatography - A Complementary Screening Method for the Investigation of Wastewater

13:30 - Break



Session Title: High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry - Where Do We Stand Today in Clinical & Forensic Toxicology(Room 03)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. H. H. Maurer


14:00 - H.H. Maurer:

Ion Trap or Q-Orbitrap for Metabolite-Based Drug Screening?

14:30 - K.L. Lynch:

Q-TRAP or Q-TOF for Comprehensive Drug Screening?

15:00 - A. Helander:

Use of Q Exactive Orbitrap HRMS for Monitoring NPS in the STRIDA project

15:30 - Break

16:00 - I. Ojanperä:

Q-TOF for Drug Screening in Postmortem Toxicology

16:30 - L. Couchman:

High-Resolution Accurate-Mass (HR-AM, Q Exactive) for Drug qQuantitation

17:00 - F. Hernandez:

Potential of HRMS (LC–QTOF-MS) in Wastewater Drug Testing  


Session Title: ABC’s Spotlight on the Nanoworld (Room 04b)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. G. Gauglitz


12:00 - M. L. Soriano:

Exploiting Nanotechnological Tools to Extract Information from the Nanoworld

12:30 - C. Contado:

Field-Flow Fractionation: Tools for Exploring the NanoWorld

13:00 - N L. Sabbatini:

Nano-Antimicrobials, Synthesis, Analytical Characterization, Performances in Real World Case Studies

13:30 - Break


Chairman: Dr. M. Vogel


14:00 - D. C. Muddiman:

IR MALDESI: A Novel Molecular Microscopy Method to Determine Drug Distributions in Tissues

14:30 - B. Meermann:

ICP-MS, AF4, and Stable Isotopes: Analytical Tools for Tracing and Quantification of Engineered Nanoparticles in Complex Matrices

15:00 - H.H. Gorris:

Prospects of Photon-Upconverting Nanoparticles for Analytical Chemistry

15:30 - Break

16:00 - G. Proll:

Sensing Strategies for the Detection of Engineered Nanoparticles in Complex Matrices

16:30 - D. Cialla-May:

SERS as Powerful Tool in Bioanalytics

17:00 - C. Kranz:

High-Resolution Electrochemical Imaging

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