Analytica 2016 Wednesday Morning Sessions


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Analytica 2016 Wednesday Morning Sessions

Session Title: Omics Technologies Standardization (Room 02)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. C. Huber


11:00 - L. Martens:

Standards as the Gateway to Assured Analytical Quality in the Field of Proteomics 

11:30 - K. Mechtler:

SIMPATIQCO 2.0 A Modern Software Suite for Quality Control in Proteome Research  


Session Title: Immunology (Room 04a)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. H. Renz


11:00 - E. Neumann:

Molecular Diagnostics of Autoimmune-Diseases

11:30 - C. Skevaki:

Molecular Allergy Diagnostics  


Session Title: Energy & Fuel (Room 05)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Zimmermann


11:10 - S.I. Andersen:

Analysis of Quenching Effects in the Fluorescence of Heavy Oils and Asphaltenes

11:30 - M.P. Barrow:

Analytical Methods for Monitoring of the Athabasca Oil Sands Region

11:50 - W. Schrader:

Studying Very Complex Energy Systems by Using Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Combination with Separation Methods: Crude Oil as an Example  


Session Title: Trace Analysis of Wastewater (Room 03)


Chairman: Dr. W. Schulz


11:00 - S. Metzger:

Use of Trace Analysis in Wastewater Treatment

11:30 - W. Seitz:

Practical Aspects of the Analysis of Organic Micropollutants in Wastewater  


Session Title: ABC’s Spotlight on the Nanoworld (Room 04b)


Chairman: Prof. Dr. G. Gauglitz


11:00 - S. Pauly:

ABC’s Spotlight on the Nanoworld and

G. Gauglitz:

What Does Nano Mean

11:30 - L. Zhang:

Functionalized Nanomaterials for Proteomic Sample Preparation  

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